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Hi, I’m Jonathan Nice, author and owner here at  Thank you for checking out my blog website – Empowering Information & Tools for the Netprenuer.

What’s a Netprenuer?

Well it’s anyone that has a desire to make money on the internet.

Some history on Jonathan Nice

My interest in the internet started back in 1997.  You know, just after Al Gore invented the internet? (I’m joking)  Anyways, I was so interested in the emergence of the internet that I decided to go to college for computer science.  Doing so really polished my logical thinking, but it didn’t teach me what I needed to know about making money online.

I’ve always had the desire to work for myself and have primarily done so since finishing college.  The last 14 years I have been eagerly seeking out what works well for making money online.  And of course along the way I’ve also discovered many things that do not work.  I’ll try to only write about the things that do work, but don’t be surprised if you see a rant once and a while about some bogus software or worthless training I may have stumbled across.

Where is headed?

As of March 1st, 2013 I’ve decided to share everything I’ve learned, right here.  My focus will be help anyone, from the beginner to the veteran, on how to better market online and make more money.  I will try to focus on things that you can put on virtual autopilot.  And here’s why: true Netprenuers/Entrepreneurs don’t just want to make money by working for themselves, they also want their time to be their own.  In fact, I personally value time more than money.  Hopefully you do to!  Because this is true freedom: owning 100% of your time.  Not your bosses, and not your job’s.  When you own your time then you are truly free.

Trading time for money is such an antiquated way to live now that we have the internet.  Contacts can be made around the world.  Websites can discuss anything and sell everything.  All you have to do is commit yourself to make that consistent constant effort using the right tools and methods online, and your internet business will set you free.

Hopefully what I share with you here, will help you.  And remember to never give up!  You miss 100% of the shots you never take!


Jonathan Nice

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