Installing Plug Ins

Installing Plug Ins

installing plug ins

This may seem like a daunting task, but installing plug ins in WordPress is quite easy.  This is one of the reason why so many people love using WordPress over any other content management system.  It’s easy to do, WordPress makes installing plug ins a breeze.

Plug ins are a great way to customize your website.  There are plug ins available for almost any type of need.  If you can think of it, it’s probably been made.  Keep reading to learn how to find other WordPress plug ins for your website blog.

Many plug ins also come in Widget form.  Widgets are a plug in that can be displayed in the sidebar of your Theme.  …more on those later.  Some themes also have bottom bar widget placements.

(If you are new to WordPress or do not have a WordPress site set up, you can get information on how to do that here.)  

But in this article, we will assume you have a blog up and running.  Hopefully you have the newest stable version of WordPress and are ready to start customizing your blog with some cool plug ins..

First we need to log in to our WordPress website before we can start installing plug ins.  Are you logged in?  Good.

Installing Plug Ins

  1. Click on the left menu item: Plugins
  2. Click on the sub menu ‘Add New’
  3. in the Search Box, enter the name or partial name or functional feature of the plug in, and click ‘Search’
  4. Find your desired plug in from the list, click on ‘Details’
  5. A small window will open up, make sure there are no version conflict warnings at the top
  6. No warning?  Go ahead and click ‘Install’
  7. Finished!  Congrats!  You have just finished installing plug ins

If you need to install more, just repeat steps 2-7.

Troubleshooting/Installing Plug Ins

Pay extra attention to any possible version conflicts.  The version may be incompatible.  Also, If you find the plugin is not working, make sure it is ‘Enabled’ in the Plugins list.  You can contact the provider, but since most are free, don’t expect a quick response…if any.

Hope this How To helped you!

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