What is Empower Network?

Viral Blog & Lead Generating System that Banks YOU Money

Empower Network

I get asked this question often: What is Empower Network?

The simple answer: it is a viral blogging website and online marketing training system that helps people/businesses get massive leads online AND they offer an optional 100% commission affiliate program which is more lucrative than any other affiliate program I have ever seen…

Now lets dig a bit deeper.

What is Empower Network: In Detail

Empower Network is a pre-optimized for search engines blog website that allows novices to veterans in online marketing to generate massive leads.  They do this by giving you an highly ranked website, top 200 in the world.  And then they teach you step by step and word for word how to drive traffic to your website(s).  This is imperative.  Because you could have the most beautiful website in the world, but if you have no one seeing it, you may as well have no website.  This is the foundation of Empower Network, providing you with the tools and training and system to:

  • Get Traffic
  • Capture Traffic
  • Convert Traffic into Sales
  • Make Money

The wonderful thing about the Empower Network System: it can be used to promote and get leads for YOUR business.  Maybe you have a salon on main street.  Maybe you are a in a direct sales company.  Or maybe you simply have the desire to have an online business where you can work from home.  So even if you have no business, Empower Network’s Affiliate Program is a business you can make tons of money with.  So , whatever the case may be, Empower Network will help you get more leads and make more money faster than trying to learn and do this all on your own.

How do I know this?  I have a computer science degree and have been studying online marketing methods for over 10 years.  The Empower Network website alone is worth thousands of dollars in SEO design.  What took me years to learn to be able to create from scratch, is now handed to people on a silver platter for only $25 a month.  So for the cost of having your own web space with a web hosting provider, you can have a full blown Search Engine Optimized viral blog and online marketing training system.  Which in simple terms is an All-in-One online business & marketing system.  (Personally I would have paid up to $500 a month for this years ago when I was just starting out trying to make money online.)

When I evaluate anything or recommend anything I like to list all the pro’s and con’s.  I call it the Good, the Bad, the Ugly.  (I just loved that movie, excuse the pun)

What is Empower Network?  The Good

Empower Network - the goodThis system absolutely works 100% of the time.  It’s like becoming a black belt in Kung Fu.  If you come to class and do what the instructor tells you to do, you will eventually be a black belt.  Same is true with The Empower Network viral blogging system.  If you do what is instructed daily, you will see big results.  And over time, you will become a guru that knows more than 99% of the online marketers out there.  You will be the Black Belt in Online Marketing.  So take this seriously, do as instructed and you will assuredly succeed.

What is Empower Network?  The Bad

Empower Network - the badUnfortunately, implementing this system takes time.  You will need to spend time watching the training videos they provide, and then doing what you were taught.  Most people can see just how powerful this system is, but unfortunately some people will not take action and do the daily steps that are instructed.  So make sure you are ready to do what you need to do.  I would say a minimum of 8 to 10 hours a week until your income gets to a level of satisfaction to invest more time.  The more time you can spend on DOING what they teach, the better off you will be and the more money you will make.  So don’t make the mistake of just fiddling around and expecting grandiose results.

What is Empower Network?  The Ugly

Empower Network - the uglySearch Engine ranking can take quite a while.  Sometimes many weeks or many months.  So be prepared to put a solid 2 to 3 months working on this before you start seeing many of your labors come to fruition.  Just like running a marathon, you must keep the finish line in mind and keep running.  This is an endurance race, those that take daily action are having the best success.  They do teach other traffic driving methods, but once Google and Bing have you indexed and ranking high in searches you are on virtual autopilot making money and getting leads while you sleep, play and do what you want to do.  So be prepared to run this marathon, it will pay off in the end!

In Summary: What is Empower Network?

  1. Empower Network will save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in learning and/or trial and error.
  2. Empower Network will host & provide to you a Search Engine Optimized top 200 ranked website in the world.  This makes your website rank faster and higher in searches.
  3. Empower Network teaches you step by step how to drive traffic, capture leads, and convert them into sales…this = a lot of money for you.
  4. Empower Network allows it’s clients to participate in their 100% commission affiliate program…this program is making people 4, 5 & even 6 figure incomes a month for members.
  5. Empower Network helps people with their own business to get massive amounts of leads and/or customers for your primary business.  There are a lot of great opportunities out there, but none of them teach their reps a solid way to get leads efficiently, effectively or on autopilot.
  6. Empower Network is a business in a box, all-in-one solution even if you are new to marketing and have no product or service to sell.  Simply participating in their affiliate program can net you thousands of dollars a month.

You can see the website Empower Network provides to it’s members here: Jonathan’s EN Blog

If you have any other questions about Empower Network please contact me anytime:  Jonathan Nice  I am always happy to help people find the right solution for their desired goals.  This is the core reason why Northernplains.com exists, so do not hesitate to contact me if you have a question about internet marketing!

Also, I welcome your comments below.  Please let me know your thoughts :)

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  1. Jonathan Nice
    5 years ago

    I just wanted to share a brief snippet of a Facebook thread EN had started. The question was: How much money have you made with Empower Network?

    Here is the first 8 replies…the thread has several hundred replies:

    Glenn Arcaro I’ve made just over $60,000 in roughly 6 months. Because I’ve been working on infrastructure to scale our team, I’ve honestly only worked on my personal business less than 2 hours a week in the last 4 months.
    Like · Reply · 10 minutes ago

    Steven Dennis i havent made any thing yet, i need help
    Like · Reply · 10 minutes ago

    Brandon Koon I don’t know for sure, but somewhere around the $120,000 mark!! I was basically done with “MLM” and online marketing when I found Empower Network. Empower Network revived me. Thanks!!
    Like · Reply · 11 minutes ago

    Andreas Klumb Itś not so easy in Germany but from the begin in January 2012 i earn $15,175 and i love it
    Like · Reply · 11 minutes ago

    Ron Mead Jan $3K, Feb $5K, Mar $10K…at this rate of doubling each month, I should make $5,120,000 in Dec, right? Should be an unusual Christmas, to say the least!
    Like · Reply · 12 minutes ago

    David Wood Hey Dwayne Pyle – saw you’re over $20,000 this month – just the start brother.
    Like · Reply · 42 · 10 hours ago

    David Wood replied · 8 Replies

    Chris Record $148,086 in EN commissions so far in 2013. Not bad for a part-time guy Where else can you average $50,000/mo part time and expand your internet marketing knowledge like this? But I would have to say the most rewarding part for me is training others. I love watching people have breakthroughs, and learn amazing skills that are going to help them for the next decade and beyond!
    Like · Reply · 57 ·