Download WordPress – How to

How do I download WordPress

Download WordPress – How to

Downloading WordPress is pretty easy.  However you will want to make sure you have the right version and file format for your web host.  This is very important as the wrong version will cause you many problems.  So download WordPress version that suits your web hosting,

Many web hosts have a built in quick install feature you can utilize.  Check with your web host to see if they have one available for you.

If your web host does not have an installation wizard for WordPress that is no problem,  Check out my other post about finding the best WordPress Server for your web hosting needs.

You can save yourself much time and headache if you use a good web host that provides install wizards.  Self installing WordPress is not for the beginner netprenuer.

OK, if you have your web space ready and waiting for WordPress, you need to know what operating system it has.  If your web host is on a Windows Server, then you will want to get the *.zip file.  If your web space is on a Linux server, then you will want to get the *.tar.gz file.

Download WordPress

  1. For Windows:
  2. For Linux:

Make sure you save the file in a good spot on your computer.  Somewhere you can find it.

Hopefully this tutorial on how to Download WordPress has helped you and you are well on your way to becoming the next great blogger and netpreneur online!


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