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information technology solutionsAbout Northernplains – Information Technology Solutions

Northernplains is owned and operated by Jonathan Nice who has been actively working with technology online and offline since 1997.  Over the years many things have changed but one thing remains constant: people need effective solutions when it comes to information technology.

This is Northernplains mission statement: “Help People with Affordable & Effective Information Technology Solutions”.  This is why we offer a wide range of solutions and services.  Our #1 goal is to provide a complete solution to whatever your needs may be.

Primarily our services are provided through utilizing internet communication tools like chat, skype, email, online meeting and remote access software.   This allows us to help people in all areas of the world.  We utilize all types of tools to bring you the information technology solutions that you need.  Many of our services are project based and we guarantee our customers satisfaction with our services.

Here at Northernplains we look forward to working with you and providing you with the most effective and affordable information technology solutions.



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